PT Clients Only Area - Introduction

STEP 1 - Download & Print The Manuals

Just click on the image below to download a zip file containing both manuals or you may have to right click & save as...


STEP 2 - Find Your Starting Points

Taking Your Measurements & Why You Shouldn't Judge Your Success By The Scales

Taking Your Before Picture & The Psychology Of Why We Do It

STEP 3 - Set Goals & Targets For Success

STEP 4 - Supplementing For Success & Creating A Foundation

STEP 5 - Kick-Starting Your Weight Loss In The First 21 Days

STEP 6 - Order Your Supplements With My 30% Discount

All Supps copyHSP

STEP 7 - Understand Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Habits

STEP 8 - Extra Bodyweight Home Workouts

Extra Workouts To Complete In-between Our Sessions Or During Holidays etc.